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We look at gas prices and wonder, “What the Hell is going on with the price of fuel!!!” I know that I am not alone here. We as a country, as a people has relied on oil for a number of things. The most obvious is fuel for autos and trucks as well as for heating. But with that, oil as a lot of bi-products. Example, plastics, fertilizers, and medicines just to name a few.

Is there a reality of oil independence? Or is that a political issue item? Let us think about it on a Global scale. Have we as a country been protected from high gas prices? Hummmm, let us see.. Here in South Carolina, the average price of gas (regular) is about $3.65. Now you do have the state road and local tax which amounts for about .21 cent in taxes. Oh yes there is ethanol that comprises about 10% of today’s fuel. But wait. That is government subsidized…. (Wonder what government official has a hand in that sweet deal.)

Let’s look at another country. Europe, IE France, The Netherlands, Norway, Japan …. These countries already pay $4 to $6 per gallon for fuel. Their government also taxes the crap out of their fuel per gallon as well. It could be at least for what I am reading so far, about 75% of their additional cost. PER GALLON!!! There is also a bright side to this madness. Those countries also have some of the world’s best public transportation. Is that where their taxes are going? Is that where our country is going? There is a lot to do and lot to think about.     What do you think?